Previous Group Members

Dr Kexue Li
Research Fellow 2016-2019, now Experimental Officer, University of Manchester.  
Dr Thomas Aarholt
DPhil student 2012-2017, Now Research Fellow, University of Oslo.  
Hanis Ayuni Mohd Yusof
DPhil student
Hugh Taylor
DPhil student
Dr Haibo Jiang
DPhil student 2010-2014, now Lecturer, the University of Western Australia
Dr Katie Moore
EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2011 - 2014, DPhil student 2007 - 2011, Now Senior Lecturer in Materials Characterisation, University of Manchester running the NanoSIMS Group.
Dr Clive Downing
Research Fellow 2010-2012
Professor Frédéric Christien
Now Professor Mines Saint-Etienne
Dr Khimheng Lau
DPhil student, 2006 - 2011
Dr Markus Schröder
Research Fellow 2007 - 2010
Dr Graeme Karney
DPhil student 2005 - 2009
Dr Katharine Smart
DPhil student 2002 - 2007
Dr Matt Kilburn
Research Fellow 2002 - 2006, Now Professor at University of Western Australia (Perth)

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