Adduct-based p-doping of organic semiconductors
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The role of β-Zr in a Zr-2.5Nb alloy during aqueous corrosion: A multi-technique study
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Thomas AM Fiducia, Kexue Li, Amit H Munshi, Kurt Barth, Walajabad S Sampath, Chris RM Grovenor, John Michael Walls
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Investigating the stability of Second Phase Particles in Zr-Nb alloys under irradiation
Guanze He, Junliang Liu, Kexue Li, Jing Hu, Anamul Haq Mir, Sergio Lozano-Perez, Chris Grovenor
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A multi-technique study of “barrier layer” nano-porosity in Zr oxides during corrosion and hydrogen pickup using (S) TEM, TKD, APT and NanoSIMS
Jing Hu, Thomas Aarholt, Brian Setiadinata, Kexue Li, Alistair Garner, Sergio Lozano-Perez, Michael Moody, Philipp Frankel, Michael Preuss, Chris Grovenor
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Understanding the role of selenium in defect passivation for highly efficient selenium-alloyed cadmium telluride solar cells
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3D-characterization of deuterium distributions in zirconium oxide scale using high-resolution SIMS
Kexue Li, Thomas Aarholt, Junliang Liu, Helen Hulme, Alistair Garner, Michael Preuss, Sergio Lozano-Perez, Chris Grovenor
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Large Area 3D Elemental Mapping of a MgZnO/CdTe Solar Cell with Correlative EBSD Measurements
Thomas A. M. Fiducia, Kexue Li, Amit H. Munshi, Kurt Barth, Walajabad S. Sampath, Chris Grovenor, John M. Walls
3D distributions of chlorine and sulphur impurities in a thin-film cadmium telluride solar cell
Thomas AM Fiducia, Kexue Li, Amit H Munshi, Kurt Barth, Walajabad S Sampath, Chris RM Grovenor, John M Walls
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Understanding Corrosion and Hydrogen Pickup of Zirconium Fuel Cladding Alloys: The Role of Oxide Microstructure, Porosity, Suboxides, and Second-Phase Particles
Jing Hu, Brian Setiadinata, Thomas Aarholt, Alistair Garner, Arantxa Vilalta-Clemente, Jonna Partezana, Philipp Frankel, Paul Bagot, Sergio Lozano-Perez, Angus Wilkinson, Michael Preuss, Michael Moody, Chris Grovenor
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Environmentally-assisted grain boundary attack as a mechanism of embrittlement in a nickel-based superalloy
Németh, AAN, DJ Crudden, DEJ Armstrong, DM Collins, K Li, AJ Wilkinson, CRM Grovenor, and RC Reed
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Complementary imaging of silver nanoparticle interactions with green algae: dark-field microscopy, electron microscopy, and nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry
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Drozdz, M. M., K. Kumar, H. Jiang, C. Grovenor, and D. J. Vaux.
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High-resolution imaging of dietary lipids in cells and tissues by NanoSIMS analysis
H. Jiang, C.N. Goulbourne, A. Tatar, K. Turlo, D. Wu, A.P. Beigneux, C.R.M Grovenor, L.G. Fong, S.G. Young
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High-temperature crack growth in a Ni-base superalloy during sustained load
M. Hörnqvist, L. Viskari, K.L. Moore, K. Stiller

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Most Human Proteins Made in Both Nucleus and Cytoplasm Turn Over within Minutes.
S. Baboo, B. Bhushan, H. Jiang, C.R.M. Grovenor, P. Pierre, B.G. Davis, and P.R. Cook,

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The GPIHBP1–LPL Complex Is Responsible for the Margination of Triglyceride-Rich Lipoproteins in Capillaries
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Localization of iron in rice grain using synchrotron X-ray fluorescence microscopy and high resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry
B. A. Kyriacou*, K. L. Moore*, D. Paterson, M. D. de Jonge, D. L. Howard, J. Stangoulis, M. Tester, E. Lombi, A. A. T. Johnson
Journal of Cereal Science 59(2) (2014) 173-180 

*Joint first authors

Imaging element distribution and speciation in plant cells
F.-J. Zhao, K. L. Moore, E. Lombi, Y.-G. Zhu

Trends in Plant Science 19(3) (2014) 183-192

Combined NanoSIMS and Synchrotron X-ray fluorescence reveals distinct cellular and subcellular distribution patterns of trace elements in rice tissues
K. L. Moore, Y. Chen, A. M. L. van de Meene, L. Hughes, W. Liu, T. Geraki, F. Mosselmans, S. P. McGrath, C. Grovenor, F.-J. Zhao,

New Phytologist 201(1) (2014) 104-105


Multi-Scale Correlative Microscopy Investigation of both Structure and Chemistry of Deformation Twin Bundles in Fe-Mn-C Steel
R. K. W. Marceau, I. Gutierrez-Urrutia, M. Herbig, K. L. Moore, S. Lozano-Perez, D. Raabe

Microscopy and Microanalysis, 19(6) (2013) 1581-1585

Nanoscale imaging reveals laterally expanding antimicrobial pores in lipid bilayers
P. D. Rakowska*, H. Jiang*, S. Ray*, A. Pyne, B. Lamarre, M. Carr, P. J. Judge, J. Ravi, U. I. M. Gerling, B. Koksch, G. J. Martyna, B. W. Hoogenboom, A. Watts, J. Crain, C. R. M. Grovenor, M. G. Ryadnova,
PNAS (2013) 110(22) 8918–8923

*Joint first authors

An investigation of the oxidation behaviour of zirconium alloys using isotopic tracers and high resolution SIMS
S. S. Yardley, K. L. Moore, N. Ni, J. F. Wei, S. Lyon, M. Preuss, S. Lozano-Perez, C. R. M. Grovenor

Journal of Nuclear Materials 443(1-3) (2013) 436-443

Examinations of Oxidation and Sulfidation of Grain Boundaries in Alloy 600 Exposed to Simulated Pressurized Water Reactor Primary Water
D. K. Schreiber, M. J. Olszta D. W. Saxey, K. Kruska, K. L. Moore, S. Lozano-Perez, and S. M. Bruemmer

Microscopy and Microanalysis 19 (2013) 676-987

Intergranular crack tip oxidation in a Ni-base superalloy
L. Viskari, M. Hörnqvist, K. L. Moore, Y. Cao, K. Stiller

Acta Materialia 61(10) (2013) 3630-3639

A multi-technique investigation of sulphur grain boundary segregation in nickel
M. Allart, F. Christien, R. Le Gall, P. Nowakowski, C.R.M. Grovenor

Scripta Materialia 68(10) (2013) 793–796

High resolution SIMS analysis of arsenic in rice
K. L. Moore, C. R. Hawes, S. P. McGrath, F.-J. Zhao 

SIMS XVIII conference proceedings, Surface and Interface Analysis 45(2013), 309-311

Quantitive grain boundary analysis of bulk samples by SIMS
F. Christien, C. Downing, K. L. Moore, C. R. M. Grovenor

SIMS XVIII conference proceedings, Surface and Interface Analysis 45(2013), 305-308


How the crystallography and nanoscale chemistry of the metal/oxide interface develops during the aqueous oxidation of zirconium cladding alloys
N. Ni, D. Hudson, J. Wei, P. Wang, S. Lozano-Perez, G.D.W. Smith, J.M. Sykes, S.S. Yardley, K.L. Moore, S. Lyon, R. Cottis, M. Preuss, C.R.M. Grovenor

Acta Materialia 60, (2012), 7132

Mechanisms of oxidation of fuel cladding alloys revealed by high resolution APT, TEM and SIMS analysis
C.R.M. Grovenor, N. Ni, D. Hudson, S.S. Yardley, K.L. Moore, G.D.W. Smith, S. Lozano-Perez, J. M. Sykes

Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 1383, (2012) 101-112 

Imaging Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (Book Chapter) In 'Handbook of Nanoscopy'
K.L. Moore, M. Schröder, C.R.M. Grovenor 

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Characterizing the microstructure of Arctica islandica shells using NanoSIMS and EBSD
G. B. Karney, P.G. Butler, S. Speller, J.D. Scourse, C. A. Richardson, M. Schröder, G.M. Hughes, J.T. Czernuszka, C.R.M. Grovenor

Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 13(4) (2012), art. no. Q04002

Elemental imaging at the nanoscale: NanoSIMS and complementary techniques for element localisation in plants(Review paper)
K.L. Moore, E. Lombi, F.-J. Zhao, C.R.M. Grovenor

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 402(10) (2012), 3263-3273

Localisation of Iron in Wheat Grain Using High Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
K.L. Moore, F.-J. Zhao, C.S. Gritsch, P. Tosi, M.J. Hawkesford, S.P. McGrath, P.R. Shewry, C.R.M. Grovenor

Journal of Cereal Science 55(2) (2012), 183-187

Quantification of equilibrium grain boundary segregation by NanoSIMS analysis of bulk samples
F. Christien, C. Downing, K. L. Moore, C. R. M. Grovenor

Surface and Interface Analysis 44 (2012), 377-387


High Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Reveals the Contrasting Subcellular Distribution of Arsenic and Silicon in Rice Roots
K.L. Moore, M. Schröder, Zhong-Chang Wu, B.G.H. Martin, C. Hawes, S.P. McGrath, M.G. Hawkesford, Jian Feng Ma, F.-J.Zhao, C.R.M. Grovenor

Plant Physiology 157 (2011) 498-508


K.H. Lau, M. Christlieb, M. Schröder, H. Sheldon, A.L. Harris, C.R.M. Grovenor

Journal of Microscopy 240(1) (2010) 21-31

High-resolution elemental localization in vacuolate plant cells by nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry
K.E. Smart, J.A.C. Smith, M.R. Kilburn, B.G.H. Martin, C. Hawes and C.R.M. Grovenor

The Plant Journal 63 (2010) 870-879

NanoSIMS analysis of arsenic and selenium in cereal grain
K.L. Moore, M. Schröder, E. Lombi, F.-J.Zhao, S.P. McGrath, M.G. Hawkesford, P.R. Shewry, C.R.M. Grovenor

New Phytologist 185 (2010) 434-445


Multi-scale characterization of stress corrosion cracking of cold-worked stainless steels and the influence of Cr content
S. Lozano-Perez, T. Yamada, T. Terachi, M. Schröder, C.A. English, G.D.W. Smith, C.R.M. Grovenor, B.L. Eyre

Acta Materialia 57 (2009) 5361–5381

Copper and calcium uptake in colored hair
K.E. Smart, M. Kilburn, M. Schroeder, B.G.H. Martin, C. Hawes, J.M. Marsh, C.R.M. Grovenor

International Journal of Cosmetic Science60, (2009) 337–345


Using NanoSIMS to map trace elements in stainless steels from nuclear reactors
S. Lozano-Perez, M. Schröder, T. Yamada, T. Terachi, C.A. English, C.R.M. Grovenor

Applied Surface Science 255 (2008) 1541–1543

High-resolution imaging of complex crack chemistry in reactor steels by NanoSIMS
S. Lozano-Perez, M.R. Kilburn, T. Yamada, T. Terachi, C.A. English, C.R.M. Grovenor

Journal of Nuclear Materials 374 (2008) 61–68


NanoSIMS and EPMA analysis of nickel localisation in leaves of the hyperaccumulator plant Alyssum lesbiacum
K.E. Smart, M.R. Kilburn, C.J. Salter, J.A.C. Smith, C.R.M. Grovenor

International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 260 (2007) 107–114


Examination of the influence of boron on the microstructure and properties of low C ferritic steels using NanoSIMS and TEM
S. Ahmed , J.M. Titchmarsh, M.R. Kilburn, C.R.M. Grovenor

Applied Surface Science 252 (2006) 7062–7065

Specimen preparation for NanoSIMS analysis of biological materials
C.R.M. Grovenor, K.E. Smart, M.R. Kilburn, B. Shore, J.R. Dilworth, B. Martin, C. Hawes, R.E.M. Rickaby

Applied Surface Science 252 (2006) 6917–6924

NanoSIMS analysis of Ca doping at a grain boundary in a superconducting YBCO Ca-123/123 bicrystal
C. Dark, M.R. Kilburn, G. Hammerl, C. Schneider, J. Mannhart, C.R.M. Grovenor

Journal of Physics Conference Series 43 (2006) 272–276


Chemical interactions in Ti doped MgB2 superconducting bulk samples and wires
S. Haigh, P. Kovac, T.A. Prikhna, Ya M. Savchuk, M.R. Kilburn, C. Salter, J. Hutchison, C.R.M. Grovenor

Superconding Science Technology 18 (2005) 1190–1196

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